Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Request- New Web Site Work

As we come back home into life in Steamboat we ask your prayers for two things.

1- It always take a few days to get unpacked, stocked up (food in the fridge), records made, book sales recorded, new Fledge sign-ups inputted, re-imbursements deposited, emails caught up... so we ask for diligence and gratitude as we "get unpacked."

2- We have a friend, David, who is skilled in graphic design (he designed our logo). David has been working pro bono (on top of his fulltime job in graphic design and fathering 2 children) to complete a new web page for Soulation. We'd ask for your prayers for him as he is burning the candle from both ends. God give him the energy, the creativity, and as he specifically asked "the perseverance, a clear mind, and comfort for his wife as in these next few weeks he will have less late, kid-free nights with her." We pray that David would know when enough is enough, too, so he might spend time with his wife, as well. God speed to him.

Answers in Ohio

The women's Ruby Slippers Retreat in Ohio was just wonderful. It was the first time I spoke to a group of women all of whom had already received my book. As soon as I walked in they knew who I was, which felt so welcoming.

Because it was a relatively small group (27), I enjoyed getting to know many of them. Their insights, comments about new freedoms, common frustrations and struggles gave us a quick closeness and understanding. I learned much, for instance, the way Christian feminists view the thong-exposed, low-riding backsides of teens today. One Christian woman, a professional in her field said, "I just want to ask them if they have any idea what we fought for. They wear clothes that look like they only want men to look at their bodies. Don't they realize we worked for years to have men take us seriously as partners in work? Don't they see how they're undoing everything we did for them?"

I shared my thoughts about how modesty becomes relative to the people group, how young Christian women tend to believe feminists of the 1970's were secular, family/marriage destroying man-haters and not take seriously the victories they did gain.

In that group (I tell you, when you talk about common struggles and life as women there's this instant intimacy) I felt free to speak for the first time about my pregnancy and miscarriage. Women came up again and again afterwards telling me they understood, they grieved with me, and they had their own stories to tell. It was a group full of open ears and eagerness to hear about Christ's redemption, all the way back to the curse in Eden.

Thank you for praying! I can't wait for the next Ruby Slippers Retreat

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Answers On the Road: Cincinnati

I'm writing from the basement of our hosts' home.

I spoke to a group of students last night in Cincinnati, most of them Messianic. For 90 minutes they listened with attention and asked some very good questions.... some of which I hadn't received in a Q&A before (they keep me on my toes). We didn't ask for any honorarium, but the leader did pass a basket. From about 15 teens and college students, they donated over $200, some writing checks of $50 and $25.

I share that because I know it was a sacrifice for them. And it also showed how they were touched. One student said to me afterwards, "I've been looking forward to this night for weeks!" I asked if it met his expectations. "Oh, more than I expected. This was a huge help to me."

Today is brunch and a walk with our hosts, Michael and Rachel Wolf, who are long time advocates and spokespeople for the Messianic movement (Michael is a Rabbi). Then tonight several young married couples will be coming over for discussion and dessert.

Thanks for your prayers. Even when we feel like it's just another ordinary day, God is doing extraordinary things.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Request- Speaking in OH

Both Dale and I (Jonalyn) have acquired a cold. With a wonderful speaking opportunity in Worthington and Maineville, Ohio coming up (we leave together this Friday), we'd like to ask you to pray for our full recovery before stepping on the plane.

All speaking events are both exciting and challenging for us, to keep our energy up for meeting many new people, for taking time to rest.

I'm going to be leading a Ruby Slippers Retreat (speaking Friday night after a FULL day of travel, and 3 times on Saturday). Dale will be speaking Saturday evening at the oldest Messianic Jewish Synagogue in the USA, to their student groups, the topic will be his book: Living with Questions. We'll both share a message with the young adult group Sunday evening. Monday we fly home to Steamboat.

Prayer requests:
1- Strength for Jonalyn to present to the women and connect with them Friday evening
2- That all the women would to see the value Christ has for them as females
3- For the teens and young adults to be given the humility to ask their questions
4- May God use us to pour living water into these lives

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Request- Morning Writing Discipline

We are both working on our 2nd book proposals. Please pray for us to have the discipline to carve out our first, fresh morning hours to write. We need be diligent to get our laptops out and work even when we feel tired, uncreative or just plain bored.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Answered Prayer

Jonalyn just got off the phone with the NPC team and here's what she has to say,
"I'm so excited to be working with them. We are on the same page about the essentials, the goals for this session and everyone brought their unique strengths, vision, and insight into this first brainstorm meeting. We'll be meeting via phone call again next week. Please pray for us as we whip up ideas for our individual contributions. I felt calm enough to listen and take in their experience. It's such an honor to be a part of this group!"

National Pastor's Convention

This week’s prayer request:

Tonight (Tuesday) Jonalyn will be meeting (via conference call) with a team of women who will be speaking together for the National Pastor’s Convention. They will be leading a 6 hour Critical Concern Course on "Women and the Church."

This is an issue that can generate more heat than light. Please pray for unity for these women as they discuss, pray that, as Augustine said, there will be, "in essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty and in all things charity."

Also pray for creativity and a listening spirit for Jonalyn as these 4 authors/speakers brainstorm and plan to present together on February 25-26.