Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Answers in Ohio

The women's Ruby Slippers Retreat in Ohio was just wonderful. It was the first time I spoke to a group of women all of whom had already received my book. As soon as I walked in they knew who I was, which felt so welcoming.

Because it was a relatively small group (27), I enjoyed getting to know many of them. Their insights, comments about new freedoms, common frustrations and struggles gave us a quick closeness and understanding. I learned much, for instance, the way Christian feminists view the thong-exposed, low-riding backsides of teens today. One Christian woman, a professional in her field said, "I just want to ask them if they have any idea what we fought for. They wear clothes that look like they only want men to look at their bodies. Don't they realize we worked for years to have men take us seriously as partners in work? Don't they see how they're undoing everything we did for them?"

I shared my thoughts about how modesty becomes relative to the people group, how young Christian women tend to believe feminists of the 1970's were secular, family/marriage destroying man-haters and not take seriously the victories they did gain.

In that group (I tell you, when you talk about common struggles and life as women there's this instant intimacy) I felt free to speak for the first time about my pregnancy and miscarriage. Women came up again and again afterwards telling me they understood, they grieved with me, and they had their own stories to tell. It was a group full of open ears and eagerness to hear about Christ's redemption, all the way back to the curse in Eden.

Thank you for praying! I can't wait for the next Ruby Slippers Retreat

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