Sunday, January 27, 2008

Answers On the Road: Cincinnati

I'm writing from the basement of our hosts' home.

I spoke to a group of students last night in Cincinnati, most of them Messianic. For 90 minutes they listened with attention and asked some very good questions.... some of which I hadn't received in a Q&A before (they keep me on my toes). We didn't ask for any honorarium, but the leader did pass a basket. From about 15 teens and college students, they donated over $200, some writing checks of $50 and $25.

I share that because I know it was a sacrifice for them. And it also showed how they were touched. One student said to me afterwards, "I've been looking forward to this night for weeks!" I asked if it met his expectations. "Oh, more than I expected. This was a huge help to me."

Today is brunch and a walk with our hosts, Michael and Rachel Wolf, who are long time advocates and spokespeople for the Messianic movement (Michael is a Rabbi). Then tonight several young married couples will be coming over for discussion and dessert.

Thanks for your prayers. Even when we feel like it's just another ordinary day, God is doing extraordinary things.

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