Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Request- New Web Site Work

As we come back home into life in Steamboat we ask your prayers for two things.

1- It always take a few days to get unpacked, stocked up (food in the fridge), records made, book sales recorded, new Fledge sign-ups inputted, re-imbursements deposited, emails caught up... so we ask for diligence and gratitude as we "get unpacked."

2- We have a friend, David, who is skilled in graphic design (he designed our logo). David has been working pro bono (on top of his fulltime job in graphic design and fathering 2 children) to complete a new web page for Soulation. We'd ask for your prayers for him as he is burning the candle from both ends. God give him the energy, the creativity, and as he specifically asked "the perseverance, a clear mind, and comfort for his wife as in these next few weeks he will have less late, kid-free nights with her." We pray that David would know when enough is enough, too, so he might spend time with his wife, as well. God speed to him.

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