Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Answer and Request: Website and Steamboat speaking engagement

Answer: David and Joaquin have advanced their pace to complete the new website. Databases are made, design is coming together, processing our new approach the library is happening... David thinks we'll have a beta site to look at by next week! That's some serious progress!


  1. Keep praying for David and Joaquin, that the glitches will be minimal and they will find the energy and the time to finish this project well.
  2. Also, we are starting a four part series for a local young adult group in Steamboat on "Loving God with All of You." You can get a taste of this series in our Library, under the same title. Pray there will be authentic connection and community, clarity and wisdom. These are eager hearts; our hope is that they will piece together more of a Jesus-way-of living so they will arise as fresh young leaders in this community.

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