Monday, February 25, 2008

Answer- God's Hand in Serendipities

Well, on Thursday of last week I spent about 2 1/2 hours with my new dentist in town. As he worked on my tooth, we talked about spirituality, The Secret, the Roman Catholic Church, Original Sin and God as person or force, which was quite a challenge given the fact that I had my mouth open most the time. One thing he mentioned was the antibiotics he picked up a few weeks back.

With a half numb mouth I made the decision to swing by the Steamboat Walk-in Clinic and see if I could find out if this 4 week cold earned me the right some antibiotics.

I see people's prayers motivating me to do the added work (while still feeling sick mind you) of going to my dentist appointment and then waiting for a slot with the doctor. I see God's hand in providing a relatively un-crowded moment in that doctor's office for me to get seen in less than 10 minutes and out of the office in less than 20 min with a prescription for 2 medicines, both of which I'm happy to say did wonders to my body. Within the next 24 hours most my symptoms subsided and I felt an enormous boost of energy.

Now it's Monday, and even after spending 17 hours in the car yesterday driving from Steamboat to San Diego, I'm thrilled to be able to tell you that I feel great, strong enough to tackle my first seminar this evening, eager to share what God has shown me.

For those of you praying for me to recover, I wanted to update you on my health. Thank you, please continue to pray for Dale's immunity. So far he is doing well.
Off to prepare for tonight's talk.

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