Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Request- Gearing up/Getting Better

Well weeks like this are tough ones, as we spend more time behind a computer screen than we care to confess. And of course the gorgeous sun keeps beckoning us outside to play.

I (Jonalyn) have tallied up that in our next trip, this one to Southern California (we leave Sunday), I will be speaking eight separate times, eight unique talks to plan for, write, organize. And there is something in me that drives me to keep creating new talks, refining old ones. So I ask for your prayers:

1- May God give us both the diligence to listen to him as we complete these talks. We thank Him for helping us write out all the material, so now we only need to fine-tune.

2- I have not completely shaken this cold (this stuff is really going around). Today, I felt my energy at an all-time low despite good nights rest, vitamins and lots of tea. I need God's help to get well. Please pray for me to recover completely before we drive to San Diego on Sunday. Please pray for Dale to remain healthy and immune. Please pray for us to rest mentally when we need to.

3- Next week at this time I will have finished 8 hours of speaking at the National Pastor's Convention. First, a 6 hour Critical Concern Course on "Women and the Church." Whew! Then, that afternoon we have an 1 1/2 hour class on "How Men and Women Need Each Other's Soul Differences in the Church." I know we will need strength and all the graces of God (smooth travel, good nights' rest, trust in him, strong bodies, clear voices, creativity and serenity as we present) to serve the pastors and their wives in attendance.

Thank you for serving us in this work!

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