Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Request-Local Speaking Events This Week

This week we have been booked to speak three times, and all locally!

1- This morning we head out to Christian Heritage School to teach together for chapel. We'll be speaking on "Love Comes Near" trying to turn the student's eyes to what real love looks like. Please pray that Dale and I have attentiveness to one another as we are both sharing stories from Scripture (timing is key to make it work well).

2- Tomorrow evening we will be teaching the first of a four part series about Loving God with All of You for another local church., Steamboat Christian Center. Please pray for the event to be well-attended, so we can build a good foundation for the rest of the classes.

3- Finally, Dale and I feel the mounting pressure of many large speaking engagements this Spring. These next two weeks are key for us to read, prepare, study, pray and write. Please pray for us to be diligent, but not to exhaust ourselves. May God prepare us and our audiences in this time.

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