Sunday, March 9, 2008


I wanted to be myself on the air (, but have very little experience on front of the camera. Brian Nixon, a friend of mine, invited me to be on the telecast he hosts.

I talked through expectations and 'dos and donts' with Brian, met the camera staff, producer and his daughter, and relaxed into my chair. It was a "Larry King" format with an interview/dialog about my life, my book, and culture.

Brian asked great questions to guide the discussion. His years of Calvary Chapel radio experience helped. He said I shouldn't skirt controversial topics, if they came up, since the station is not affiliated with any denominational lines (even though they are across the street from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, they are unaffiliated).

Jonalyn and my friend, Jeff LeFever, came as well. Jeff, who is known for his outbursts of enthusiastic praise, was instructed to keep quiet and perhaps even sit in the waiting room if he couldn't contain himself, which he chose to do cheerfully. Jonalyn and Jeff watched the screen and popped into the studio with encouragement during our commercial break.

It's an answer to prayer that I was so relaxed. I tried to keep it conversation, to be myself. And it felt natural.

This broadcast went out to 165 nations, including internet television and internet radio.

I should have a DVD recording of it in hand soon. And I'll seek permission to make it available for your viewing pleasure. :)

Thanks for praying. God really carried me through.

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