Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Ideas for Soulation

Quick note: Jonalyn's Biola chapel "God Wants the Broken" is online in video form at Biola's Centennial Chapel Series.

It has become increasingly obvious that we need help with Soulation. We've been praying for financial partners for Soulation for awhile. Some have jumped on board and encouraged us with financial support. But we realize we need to share this need with you.

We need financial partners, people who can help fund the ideas we have in the hopper:
  • office manager so we can work on what we do best
  • funding for our sound editor, to edit our talks so we can continue to build our Soulation Library.
  • a video editor to create regular mini videos of us answering questions, posted in our Soulation library and freely available on YouTube
  • web help (our website is nearing completion, but we will need funds to upkeep management of it)
  • we've found we can get on the radio in Los Angeles on KKLA, but need funding.
The original fund raising letter we sent out for Christmas was a wonderful way to get this Prayer Blog started, but as of now we don't have the funds for most of our new ideas. Some of you helped us get some new talks out in our library (THANK YOU!!) and even made it possible for Dale to have a promotional video by giving to our general expenses. We appreciate how you've supported us.

A lot of our research and writing time is gobbled up by travel arrangements, book-keeping and IT work. To share the gospel is going to require that we involve more hands on deck.

Would you please pray for us to figure out what to do? We need God's direction to find people to financially support us, or to show us how to allocate our finances for these things.
Thank you!

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