Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Answers and Request during our week at home

Our little home town looked too good to be true as we pulled into our driveway last Friday evening. After Dale's internet television debut (Tues) and Biola's Ruby Slippers luncheon (last Wed) I had one more talk to give, it was for the Talbot Women at Biola University, a smaller group of seminary women who I had planned to speak to about the unique ways pride creeps into women's lives. It was a much more difficult talk to give as it was not a "happy topic." And afterwards I felt I had let them down.

But I was wrong. Several women approached me afterward, including the woman who had organized the entire event telling me I had spoke to them "right where they were at" and how I had "hit them right between the eyes." So I had read them wrong, I had seen disinterest when there actually was conviction. But, honestly, I don't enjoy giving convicting talks, it's very hard.

Remember when we asked you to pray that God would help us listen to him so we would know what to bring to our talks these last few weeks? He had shown me more about humility in those weeks through the writings of Teresa of Avila and so this is what I shared with them. (The talk will be online in a few months at Soulation, entitled "Humility: the Bee in the Hive). I wanted you to know how your prayers were instrumental in the quiet hours leading up to these events.

It is scary to wait on GOd and then trust him to help you prepare, I'd much rather speak on areas of fun, funny, exciting and ultimately well-traveled, shockless topics. So I ask for your prayers for preparing for this next Thursday (2 days away) and next Monday (3/17).

Thursday we both speak again on How to Love God with All of You to young adults at a local church in Steamboat. This week we're covering the emotions and the will. Would you pray that we'd be able to communicate God's value for our feelings and the importance of understanding and managing our emotional lives?

Monday the 17th I, Jonalyn, will be speaking to the largest audience I have yet faced. Biola booked me to do their main chapel, so I'll be addressing all of Biola that choose to not skip chapel that morning. At 9 am Pacific time I will need your prayers, but also this week as I try to listen to the Spirit and develop a talk that will cover God's redemption of our brokenness. I know what I want to say, but I still have to write it. I anticipate the opportunity with excitement and some fear. Please pray God would calm my spirit as I travel alone for this 24 hour visit to Los Angeles.

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