Saturday, March 1, 2008

Requests- The Work is Only Half Over

We sit for a few hours respite at the Panera only a few blocks from where we used to live in Whittier. I've just gotten off the phone with the coordinator for the Ruby Slippers Luncheon on Wednesday. Though it seems so far away, I talk with her about timing and some concerns that a few people have raised with the author of Ruby Slippers speaking at Biola.

Will she push an egalitarian agenda? Will she spark controversy? And this from the book than neither mentions egalitarians or complementarians? I feel frustrated that a book that was supposed to offer hope, that I wrote trying so carefully to not be thrown into one camp or the other, is being used as an instrument in the endless gender controversy.

They have expressed their fears and as I sit with that on my mind, I thought I should ask for your prayer. Even as I've looked over my notes I see no agenda pushing, no desire to step on toes at Biola, no plans to talk about liberating women from their place in home or church. My script is about women's uniqueness, nothing more. But regardless, I feel this added pressure to "hit it out of the ballpark." Please pray for me to be at peace as I share what God has shown me about his love for women. I want this to be a time of unity and joy in females, not controversy or power plays.

Between then and now Dale and I will be speaking at a church in Bakersfield, judging a Youth Film Festival Awards night Sunday evening, and on Tuesday evening, back in Los Angeles area, Dale has the unprecedented opportunity of appearing on Calvary Chapel's internet Television station His Channel at 7pm. Brian Nixon will be interviewing Dale about his journey to Jesus and his book, Living with Questions. Dale asks for prayer that viewers will be touched and think of new ways to reach out to people with questions.

Then Wednesday at 11:30 am the Ruby Slippers Luncheon begins. Please pray for us to have more wisdom than usual this week. Please pray for us to be peaceful apologists, lending light and hope where we can.

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