Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Praise and Request s for CA and TX events

Well, Dale just shouted up from the new office in our basement that I should tell you all he has a BIG PRAISE that we were able to really rest last week. We took a 4 day trip to Moab, Utah (the off-roading capital of the world) with my parents (my Dad has a Jeep, too and he and my mom are great off-roading companions) and tent camped and enjoyed the outdoors. Here's how we do off-roading (notice the corgis and Dale's new license plate!).

Sunburned, but happy and rested we returned home to pick up where we left off with bills, emails, speaking events and writing. We were able to jump right in and I want to thank you for that ease. We were able to relax and we were able to return to our work with added enthusiasm.

This next week we'll be gearing up for another 2 week trip (we've realized this will be our 3rd 2 week trip this Spring and we don't think we'll be doing such intense, long trips again). This time we head out to Lake Tahoe area to speak for a Spiritual Emphasis week at Forest Lake Christian. Then we fly to San Antonio, Texas to speak for another Spiritual Emphasis week at Harvest Schools where we'll be speaking about C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia and the way Lewis refreshes our understanding of who Jesus is. We'll be enjoying the premier of Prince Caspian with the teens that week as well.

In preparation we ask for
  • continued eagerness to finish the Chronicles of Narnia so they are fresh to share.
  • as the days will be long with the teens (classroom visitations, lunch impromptu meetings, dinners with new friends) please pray for us to stay healthy and build up strength to give to others.
  • we will be developing several new talks together, please pray for us to have creativity and work ability with one another (Dale and I have different styles of organizing our talks) so that our strengths are building up each.
Thank you for praying with us!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Possible Bookkeeper

We have both made much of our week of rest, blogging about hot topics, catching up (on older emails, amazed at how many new emails come in, aligning details for upcoming speaking events and realizing how helpful a bookkeeper/office manager would be.

On that note we have a possible lead for a bookkeeper, though we wish God would just answer all our needs at once, we're excited to follow this up, which won't be until we return from plenty of traveling, an entire month from now.

We'll keep you posted. For now, would you pray that God would coordinate our needs with the person who can help us in the most cost-effective way?

Tomorrow, Dale and I travel to Moab, Utah for some true R & R with my parents. We're really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Request- Home and Resting

Well we made it home, safe, sound and exhausted.

This week we need prayer for rest that we'd take time to recharge ourselves, to read in the evenings, to build up our minds and hearts with truth and friendship and relaxation.

Jonalyn is still working through her cold, almost better, but not quite.

We both ask for the ability to reconnect well with our friends, to swiftly plunge back into knowing and being known.

Thank you for praying with us!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Request- Valley Christian High School, San Jose

We've been on the road 8 days and we feel like sponges that have been all wrung out. It's a good feeling to be used, but we know we need your prayers to keep going with energy, creativity and love for these students.

Last week was wonderful, spending time connecting with both Christian school teachers and their students. We had asked for the clarity to know who wanted to learn and those students found us, either through purchasing our books, signing up for our email apologetic devotional (Fledge) or through grabbing us between classes. We felt we connected even better this year than last year. And on our way out the principal asked to book us again for 2009.

This week, we're doing another spiritual emphasis week, but 10 times larger and all week long. We collected 2,500 questions from these students yesterday and sifted through them last night. There is something heavy and hard about reading question after question and hearing their pain and confusion and knowing you can only answer and help so much.

It is also hard with so much of a secular worldview dominate their assumptions about the Christian God. It's like you have to construct a new context for them to even begin thinking about an answer.

We have 3 more chapels ("Why Should I Trust the Bible?" "Faith, Feelings and our Father's Presence", and "God Wants the Broken" this time with a different story thrown in). This is their spiritual emphasis week. Each day we're also visiting 2-4 different classrooms to do more talking, interacting, question answering. It is draining, but it is good. We are also inviting them to join us in the gym during lunch if they want to discuss more questions and go deeper. Today was the first day we tried it and about 20 students came engaged, open, hungry!

We ask for the ability to find those who want to go deeper, to be bold to challenge them (This is a wealthy area, wealthy school, we want them to be left with more questions to go deeper with God), to maintain our health and love for each other as we work side by side.

Now we're off to watch their baseball team (ranked 11th in the nation for division IV!) play a challenging rival this afternoon. It's this entering into their world and being part of their story that makes our time well spent.

Thank you for supporting us so well!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Requests from San Jose

Yesterday we piled our 3 corgis, suitcases and lots of books into our truck and headed out west. We drove 1100 miles until we pulled into Fremont. Little wonder we slept very well.

For the next 3 days we speak at Fremont Christian School, a student body made up both those who follow Jesus and those who do not. In just one hour Dale will speak on "Is God with Me?" challenging the teens to doubt their squirrelly feelings and get real with God's nearness even if they don't feel him. Tomorrow I'll be speaking on "Loving God with Your Soul" and finishing up with a version of "God Wants the Broken."

Every day after we speak we're scheduled to do some Q and A time in individual Bible classrooms. Since we're only here for 3 days please pray for us:

1- to find and connect swiftly with those who are hungry to grow
2- that God's message, his love for these teens would really come through our words
3- for us to pace ourselves as we have another full week of Spiritual Emphasis at another Christian High school starting next Monday. We want to be sure to have some energy left for them :)

Thank you for holding us up!