Thursday, May 22, 2008

Answer! --and request for writing

We finished our two week trip well. When we returned, our bodies certainly felt fatigue. Always on. Getting into the thick of other people's suffering. Always under spiritual attack. It takes a toll.

And your prayers helped. Even after returning, our souls felt strong. We felt that we were doing exactly what we were made to do. People's lives were changed, souls were built. We watched God moving among his people just by our being present with them and using the gifts he's given us. We've already received many student emails from the past two weeks... God give us wisdom to respond to some hard issues these student's face.

That's an answer to pray that we finished strong and that souls were moved. And to top it off, before we even reached home, we watched God's hand in motion. On our long drive from Denver airport back to Steamboat, we decided to grab some lunch at Pei Wei on the West side of Denver. After enjoying a healthy meal (fresh vegetables always seem to be sparse when traveling), we stepped into the coffee shop next door. Waiting for our drinks, a man turned to us and asked, "Are you guys from Steamboat?" Well, yes.

His name is Joda (pronounced "Ho-da") and he had attended one our "Loving God with All of You" seminars in Steamboat earlier this spring. He happened to be in our coffee shop with his father-in-law. After a pleasant discussion revolving around the goodness of God and serving Him, Joda prayed for us. It deeply touched us that wherever we are, God continues to remind us that he is for us.

As he continues to remind us he is for us, Jonalyn and I are each working on a chapter for a book on apologetics for a new generation. Jonalyn's chapter is on apologetics and gender. Mine is on apologetics as soul formation. Our due date is June 1.

We ask for prayer that our thoughts would be organized. We have lots of material and only 4,000 words to cram it into. So pray we would be economical with our words. Clear. Organized. Engaging. Creative. That our words would be the kind that would stir others to action and growth.

We're thrilled to be doing this project, edited by our friend, Sean McDowell (Josh's son). We'll be finishing up our articles this coming week.

Again, thanks for standing with us and reaching the world through your prayers. It makes a difference.

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Anonymous said...


I am just so stinkin' thrilled at what I'm reading here as you have embraced Christ's call to reach out in His name to bring unbending truth to constantly bending culture.

You and I had some great conversations in college, and I remember thinking then that Christ's plan for you would involve this kind of ministry of shuffling through the mirages of mere Christianity to uncover the unveiled Christ to a generation that is disgusted with hypocrisy and crying for answers to what is real.

Praise the Lord.