Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prayer Request- Lake Tahoe

Thank you for praying. We feel healthy, rested, well-fed and on the same page as we begin speaking this week. (And I'm 1/2 way through the Chronicles of Narnia!)

We have not been involved in working in very conservative Christian circles in a while, so this week as we minister to our brothers and sisters (both students and parents) at this Christian school we ask for
  • sensitivity to not offend as we also challenge them to think about Jesus in new ways
  • strength as we have a packed few days here, tonight we meet with the teens on student council, tomorrow we meet with the parents to share with them the questions teens are asking, Saturday as we potentially meet with some Christian leaders regarding future events, and during every day we are doing chapels and meeting in classrooms with students.
This morning we shared about faith with the junior highers. We only had 15 minutes, so it felt like a whirlwind, but we managed to step on some toes by sharing the story that Jonalyn left her Christian school to be a missionary to a public school.

God give us grace to know when to make waves and when to be still.

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