Sunday, May 18, 2008

Request from Copperas Cove, TX

Jonalyn and I tallied up our speaking presentations since leaving home for this trip. This morning's talk on how to read the Bible put us at talk number 22. Tonight is our final talk before flying home tomorrow!

Our time in San Antonio finished strong with many students going out of their way with appreciation. Many were refreshed with a larger vision of Jesus and how every faculty of the human person is called into a meaningful walk of love with the Savior. (But we were disappointed in the Prince Caspian movie, which even the teens thought fell short of their hopes and undermined our favorite character, Aslan... but that's a topic for other blogs!).

We are tired and want to finish well. Tonight's talk has a city-wide invitation so there is no predictor on how many will show up. "Living with Questions" is our theme followed by Q&A. It is an open forum event, so who knows what will happen.

Our prayer is for strength and clarity. That we would tell the truth with courage. That the thoughts would flow through our weary minds (I just took a power-nap in the car while we're parked at Starbucks because I just couldn't focus). And that those who come will be inspired to find the King more meaningful than ever before and worth following across this broad world into eternity.

And also pray for a safe return flight home tomorrow. We can't wait to see the "ladies" (our corgis) and our big soft bed.

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