Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Three Potential Anxieties/Opportunities

I woke this morning with a pit of anxiety in my stomach. I realized what it was as I got ready for the day.
  1. Next Tuesday I fly to Long Beach to speak for a church in Cypress that evening. The event is an amazing one-of-a-kind desert gala centered around Ruby Slippers. I'll speak for 30 min and then sign books. The reason I feel anxiety is two-fold:
    1. Due to mis-communication and the airlines adding one more layover, I have 3 stops before arriving in Long Beach. This means that there is a larger potential for delays and me to not get into town in time. It's so frustrating when the airlines change your ticket without notice and even more so when I want to have the energy, clarity and excitement for the evening event.
    2. I will be traveling alone, which is always more stressful for me. You have to monitor your own safety, unwanted male attention, connections, etc. I need to have confidence and energy for that day.
  2. This week Dale and I are finishing our chapters for an apologetics compilation book, edited by Sean McDowell. Needless to say we want to do this well. The deadline is fast-approaching, but we are seeing how much work we've already done. We are both writing about 5 hours a day to finish in time. Thank you for praying for diligence, we've seen God giving this to us. It's coming together, but it is labor-intensive. Please pray for us to want to help each other with editing and ideas and not just focus on our own chapter.
  3. This Monday, the night before I fly out, is our inaugural Mark Bible Study. We've cleared our schedule this summer (except for the Cypress event) so we can serve in Steamboat. We've decided upon the venue of "Seeing Jesus through the eyes of Mark," teaching every Monday night this summer. I'm eager to begin, but want to find the time to meditate further and put together my thoughts with Dale. Please pray for us to coordinate our ideas and for at least 10 people from the community to make it a priority to come.
It's strange but as I write this, the anxiety has evaporated. Thank you for carrying our burdens with us. We know that much of this weight is evidence of answered prayer. God is using our efforts. We want to savor these opportunities as they come.

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