Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekly Study and writing

First, let me say that Jonalyn's request to find resources for her article has been met in an unexpected way. On our camping trip, we stopped in the Telluride library. Who would have thought some needed resources were sitting right there on their shelves. You never expect to find much in small mountain towns, but God led us right in.

In other news...

Our weekly Bible study on the book of Mark is going remarkably well. Jonalyn prayed boldly for 12 people to attend each week (I expected 5). So far, our attendance has gone from 20 to 25 to 31! Our little living room is packed out (but there is always room for more!).

And our audio editor is making these lessons our top priority so we can make each study available right way. So far Mark 1 & 2 are on online ( and Mark 3-4 will be done tomorrow!

Pray for this endeavor. We'd love to have as many come as we can possibly fit in our home. Also pray for those who don't know Jesus to find their way here to hear more about the real Jesus. Our study is open to the public, anyone who wants to come. And if you're passing through CO this summer, do drop in!

Also pray for our writing and diligence. Every morning we see our schedules already packed with emailing, maintaining soulation, writing bills, updating blogs and websites, writing updates (the Seasonal goes out today), etc, that it saps some of our motivation and creativity to write for our books (which really is our best writing and probably our most lasting contribution). The enemy knows this. So pray for new bursts of imagination and desire to put our hand to the plow and put God's goodness into words.

Thanks for praying for us and celebrating with us. It's a team effort. And we're glad to report that fruit is abounding and God's name is made great!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When God Hears

It's been a week since I've flown to Long Beach. Along the way, I learned several things
  1. God loves to answer our prayers, even the detailed stuff. I was exhausted before speaking on Tuesday evening, but from somewhere (you know where) I got the energy afterwards to meet women and sign books for a steady 1 and 1/2 hours. One woman wrote me afterwards and noted "Thank you so very much for time this evening. You took such careful time to hear everyone, and gave each woman your undivided attention. What a blessing you are to us, and others around the world....very special ministry you have created...answering all the hard questions that sometimes are confusing! Thank you for that." And my family came to hear me (aunt, mom, me, grandma) and support me, too! :)
  2. I can get stranded for long hours at a time in airports and not get stressed out. My trip home gave me an unexpected four hours of waiting time, not knowing if I'd be in Denver overnight, but eventually and gratefully made it to Steamboat
  3. It is imperative to have time before speaking engagements to pray and seek God about what he'd like me to share. I sensed God wanting me to share about the need for rest. This was before I knew that the audience was made up of mostly affluent, intelligent and busy women. And even the night of my talk, when my head felt fuzzy and I admitted from the stage that I felt like I was in Oz (that morning I had watched the sun rise over 2 elks who walked in a field next to me while I pulled my luggage into the terminal, flown to Denver, Phoenix then Long Beach, swam, napped, showered and now was on a stage speaking) God used my words. The coordinator of the event wrote me afterwards, "I prayed for a speaker in regard to women's self worth, according to God's word. You have allowed God to lead you in this direction and prayed for the evening and what to say. And there you were giving women (because of God's direction) exactly what they needed to hear. God is good!
  • Would you pray for us this week....
    1. I have to find some good resources (where can I find a good library when you live in Steamboat??) for an article I'm writing (yes it's the one that was due last week and I finished, but the editor has asked me to add on to it with some more exciting, but time consuming research comparing the way the founder's of major religions treated women).
    2. Starting this Monday we will begin writing our books (about 5 hours each day). I want to plunge right in and so does Dale. Please pray for dedication and excitement to get started!
    3. Finishing up our vacation this week (we're camping through Colorado--tonight in Telluride) that we would love one another and relax with each other. It's so easy to turn vacation into work time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Request and answer - RS Dessert Gala

Jonalyn just called, telling me she landed safely and has been able to rest since she arrived in Long Beach, CA. In fact, she spent some time by the pool and even got in a nap. On the phone, she was driving to the Ruby Slippers Dessert Gala and asked me to post up a request that she would be full of energy from beginning to end, including the important one-on-one connecting time afterwards. She'll be signing lots of books afterwards and that can zap the last bits of your energy just as much as giving a public performance.

Last night was our first study in Mark. I was humbled that 20 people packed into our living room. Many shared how much they enjoyed it (but that doubtful side of me always wonders, "Where they just being nice?"). That was an answer to prayer (we were praying specifically for 12!) Our next one is in two weeks on Mark 2.

We are trying to get the recording on our website in time for the next one... so that those who cannot attend can still listen their way through the book of Mark with us this summer. So when you think of it, pray our video editor will have the time to edit these technical recordings.

Now it's raining in Steamboat and I'm enjoying the mysterious clouds thunder down on the swelling river below!