Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Request and answer - RS Dessert Gala

Jonalyn just called, telling me she landed safely and has been able to rest since she arrived in Long Beach, CA. In fact, she spent some time by the pool and even got in a nap. On the phone, she was driving to the Ruby Slippers Dessert Gala and asked me to post up a request that she would be full of energy from beginning to end, including the important one-on-one connecting time afterwards. She'll be signing lots of books afterwards and that can zap the last bits of your energy just as much as giving a public performance.

Last night was our first study in Mark. I was humbled that 20 people packed into our living room. Many shared how much they enjoyed it (but that doubtful side of me always wonders, "Where they just being nice?"). That was an answer to prayer (we were praying specifically for 12!) Our next one is in two weeks on Mark 2.

We are trying to get the recording on our website in time for the next one... so that those who cannot attend can still listen their way through the book of Mark with us this summer. So when you think of it, pray our video editor will have the time to edit these technical recordings.

Now it's raining in Steamboat and I'm enjoying the mysterious clouds thunder down on the swelling river below!

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