Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well we've seen God's goodness this week. Thank you for praying

1- Dale got that Fledge out and we've had some great email responses from it
2- We had a stellar time with my sister, making great memories and enjoying life together
3- Our meeting with our agent was so encouraging. She liked ALL our ideas, including Dale's new one for his book (that means his golden thread weaving it all together works in her mind, too--always an encouragement to us).
4- The book we're working on together, working title is "Coffee Shop Conversations: Making the Most of Your Spiritual Small Talk", is getting some interest out there, so hopefully we'll have a chance to publish it. Would you pray that we'd be connected with an editor that understands us and our message? This weekend we wrote 4 mini-chapters in preparation for marketing it out to the publishing world. We're already enjoying the writing together, which was an unexpected surprise!
5- This week we will be plowing away on writing our individual books in the mornings. We're thankful you hold us up for diligence and zeal to continue to get our book proposals up and running. So far we're amazed at how much we've done with so much company!

God is good!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sister in Town and Requests

It always amazes me when I can have fun with friends (and this week with family) visiting and still get emails and blog posts, articles and chapters written. I see God's hand giving us strength to know how to enjoy every new task and devote time to each while enjoying company.

My sister, Jessica, is visiting this week and we are working on keeping on task with some projects AND enjoying her. Would you chat with God about some of these things for us?
  1. Dale wrote a wonderful Fledge (going out tomorrow) on casting our nets wide in prayer. It's a beautiful piece and I'm excited for him to finish it up, record it for the podcast and send it. Please pray for him to find time this evening to do that.
  2. Tomorrow we are carting Jessi with us to visit our agent in Denver, and show her the city. Would you pray for this meeting with our agent? We want to be able to help one another during this time. We need to be clear with her so she knows how to market our next book projects, and we need her help to know how our 1st writing samples need more work. We want this meeting to be so good for all involved.
  3. Thank God for the way Dale feels he has found his golden thread, the unifying idea for his next book. We hope our agent likes it and can market it well!
  4. We can see how your prayers give us added diligence and joy. Today I wrote 4 pages, a bizillion emails, several blog comments and found time to give piano lessons while Dale took Jessi fly-fishing for her first time. You can see how much fun they had (though Jessi thinks this picture makes her look like Gollum, but Dale can attest that she did NOT eat the fish raw) They're off for the evening feeding hours in a few hours.
  5. We love soaking up Steamboat with those who visit us. Thank you for praying for us to grow and enjoy, to love and live well.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Writing Projects and Living as Healthy Souls

I just sent the editor of Today's Christian Woman my completed article. It felt good to be done and Dale ran his eyes over it to make sure it was grammatically respectable.

We are loving working as a team this summer during our Monday night Bible studies and writing projects. Thank you for praying for our team spirit :)

This week we need prayer about
  1. Morning writing time, we've found some more coffee-shop options for writing around town. Please pray that we would be disciplined enough to commit to these mornings away from home to work. Writing this article has put me behind on my book, so I'm excited to jump back in tomorrow morning. We are both getting better about guarding our mornings.
  2. Please pray for us to individually work even if the other is distracted by other things. We both need to focus even if it's without the other.
  3. Please pray for us to have integrity in the ways our work, our writing, our reading are intersecting our lives at the moment. Jonalyn has some challenging conversations to engage in this week (all dealing with her next book's topic ranging from interviews to confrontations) so she needs added wisdom and humility. Dale has continued financial decisions to make that he needs added wisdom and peace.
Thank you!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Writing Answers and Requests

Today we said good-bye to a wonderful family that visited for 2 days and we plopped ourselves down to finish up some writing. Here's how you can pray for us this week
  1. Jonalyn has an article to write on Spiritual Gifts for Today' Christian Women Magazine. It's due July 15th. So far, she has been able to gather some great research. But please pray for her to be able to explain 3 theologically confusing points within her word limit, while enjoying the process. Writing can be fun, (we try to remind ourselves) but we need the Holy Spirit's help to make that possible. Please pray for joy as she works and the deadline approaches.
  2. Dale is working on his next book. As he hammers out more pages, he's realizing he needs a clearer picture of the goal for this book. Is it memoir? Is it spiritual autobiography? Is it meditation? He needs guidance and clarity. Would you pray that God's Spirit would lead him to the niche his book will fill?
  3. We both need the continued discipline to make the most of our days (Summer is 1/2 over and we can't really fathom that!) to write in the mornings. Since Sunday we've been able to do that (minus a few days off for company). We long to continue this regime.
  4. And as if we didn't have enough to write :).. we have a new book proposal on making the most of spiritual small-talk that we want to write together. Our agent is marketing Coffee Shop Conversations: Bringing Apologetics to Ordinary Life to potential publishers this week. We need an editor/publisher to want this idea.
Thank you for helping us make it through the tasks of this summer!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bible Study- Articles and Writing

This week we are hosting friends from New Hampshire and learning to fall in love with Steamboat all over again. It's been fun showing them the places we've come to enjoy and having them attend our Mark Bible study last night. We're still so grateful for the many who attend and the way we get to enjoy the same group week after week (instead of having to fly away).

In the midst we are finding times to do Soulation work. We could use your prayer for these:

1- Jonalyn has the opportunity to write an article for Today's Christian Women on Spiritual Gifts. She needs prayer to juggle the many requirements for the article as well as research and determine her view before putting it on paper. It's due July 15th

2- Dale has been finishing up a longer article on his investigation into Ephesians 5. He's titled it "The Mystery of Submission" and now needs to do the work of finding a home for this piece. Please pray for him to be connected with someone who'd like to publish this work

3- We need endurance to work hard and stay on top of our emails

Thank you!