Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bible Study- Articles and Writing

This week we are hosting friends from New Hampshire and learning to fall in love with Steamboat all over again. It's been fun showing them the places we've come to enjoy and having them attend our Mark Bible study last night. We're still so grateful for the many who attend and the way we get to enjoy the same group week after week (instead of having to fly away).

In the midst we are finding times to do Soulation work. We could use your prayer for these:

1- Jonalyn has the opportunity to write an article for Today's Christian Women on Spiritual Gifts. She needs prayer to juggle the many requirements for the article as well as research and determine her view before putting it on paper. It's due July 15th

2- Dale has been finishing up a longer article on his investigation into Ephesians 5. He's titled it "The Mystery of Submission" and now needs to do the work of finding a home for this piece. Please pray for him to be connected with someone who'd like to publish this work

3- We need endurance to work hard and stay on top of our emails

Thank you!

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