Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well we've seen God's goodness this week. Thank you for praying

1- Dale got that Fledge out and we've had some great email responses from it
2- We had a stellar time with my sister, making great memories and enjoying life together
3- Our meeting with our agent was so encouraging. She liked ALL our ideas, including Dale's new one for his book (that means his golden thread weaving it all together works in her mind, too--always an encouragement to us).
4- The book we're working on together, working title is "Coffee Shop Conversations: Making the Most of Your Spiritual Small Talk", is getting some interest out there, so hopefully we'll have a chance to publish it. Would you pray that we'd be connected with an editor that understands us and our message? This weekend we wrote 4 mini-chapters in preparation for marketing it out to the publishing world. We're already enjoying the writing together, which was an unexpected surprise!
5- This week we will be plowing away on writing our individual books in the mornings. We're thankful you hold us up for diligence and zeal to continue to get our book proposals up and running. So far we're amazed at how much we've done with so much company!

God is good!

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