Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Writing Answers and Requests

Today we said good-bye to a wonderful family that visited for 2 days and we plopped ourselves down to finish up some writing. Here's how you can pray for us this week
  1. Jonalyn has an article to write on Spiritual Gifts for Today' Christian Women Magazine. It's due July 15th. So far, she has been able to gather some great research. But please pray for her to be able to explain 3 theologically confusing points within her word limit, while enjoying the process. Writing can be fun, (we try to remind ourselves) but we need the Holy Spirit's help to make that possible. Please pray for joy as she works and the deadline approaches.
  2. Dale is working on his next book. As he hammers out more pages, he's realizing he needs a clearer picture of the goal for this book. Is it memoir? Is it spiritual autobiography? Is it meditation? He needs guidance and clarity. Would you pray that God's Spirit would lead him to the niche his book will fill?
  3. We both need the continued discipline to make the most of our days (Summer is 1/2 over and we can't really fathom that!) to write in the mornings. Since Sunday we've been able to do that (minus a few days off for company). We long to continue this regime.
  4. And as if we didn't have enough to write :).. we have a new book proposal on making the most of spiritual small-talk that we want to write together. Our agent is marketing Coffee Shop Conversations: Bringing Apologetics to Ordinary Life to potential publishers this week. We need an editor/publisher to want this idea.
Thank you for helping us make it through the tasks of this summer!

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