Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Writing Projects and Living as Healthy Souls

I just sent the editor of Today's Christian Woman my completed article. It felt good to be done and Dale ran his eyes over it to make sure it was grammatically respectable.

We are loving working as a team this summer during our Monday night Bible studies and writing projects. Thank you for praying for our team spirit :)

This week we need prayer about
  1. Morning writing time, we've found some more coffee-shop options for writing around town. Please pray that we would be disciplined enough to commit to these mornings away from home to work. Writing this article has put me behind on my book, so I'm excited to jump back in tomorrow morning. We are both getting better about guarding our mornings.
  2. Please pray for us to individually work even if the other is distracted by other things. We both need to focus even if it's without the other.
  3. Please pray for us to have integrity in the ways our work, our writing, our reading are intersecting our lives at the moment. Jonalyn has some challenging conversations to engage in this week (all dealing with her next book's topic ranging from interviews to confrontations) so she needs added wisdom and humility. Dale has continued financial decisions to make that he needs added wisdom and peace.
Thank you!

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