Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Steps

Our lawyer meeting had to be moved to today. We will meet with Jeff in a few hours. Would you pray for us to remember all we need to ask him? We pray for a good, productive engagement with him. What we learn in this meeting will dictate so much of what we can and can't do with this land in the future.

We are grateful that God has directed Courtney to commit to helping Soulation with grant writing. We'll be operating on a trial basis, for both our sakes, for the next 4 months. Would you pray that God would continue to affirm her decision to give her time to us? We love her enthusiastic willingness.

Website continues to move forward. Joaquin and David have to find a way to make a map feature and a chatting feature work for our new website. Would you pray for them to be directed to find the best programs to meet our needs?

Our Los Angeles home's buyer got approval for his loan and we are switching utilities to his name as I type. We'll be done with escrow within 2 weeks and that means onward for our Retreat Center. Thanks to God!

My laptop did not recover, though I did not lose any information, just a lot of time. Work is a bit slower with an auxiliary keypad, but Dale has ordered me another laptop (mine was due for a replacement anyways). Would you pray that it would arrive intact and the transfer goes smoothly for us to keep on top of our work?

My family comes to visit tomorrow and this will slow down our work. I want to enjoy the precious time with them. We are excited about their participation during our final Bible study, next Monday, as well.

God has been so good to us this summer!

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