Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orange Juice, Coffee Shop and Adrien

Well, after sharing some of the harder stuff last week (and being encouraged by those of you who wrote to buoy me up), I have to let you know that today has been another one of those roller-coaster days.
  1. We have had some amazing connections this last week, from getting connected with a lawyer in town who we can drill with all our questions about non-profit retreats (that meeting is next Tuesday, please pray for us to make the most of the time to tap his--Jeff's--expertise), to having a young adult offer her writing skills to help us with some grant writing. We pray for her, Courtney, to be willing to assist us with gathering funding for our retreat center.
  2. Please continue to pray for Joaquin and David on the website progress. I cannot wait to unveil it to you!
  3. Still in escrow on L.A. property and waiting...
  4. This morning, we attacked a growing pile that had amassed during our splendid, much needed day of rest. Somehow while working busily away on emails and the new Fledge a book fell over, knocked my full glass of pulpy orange juice all over my desk, including my laptop. So today has been spent backing up all I can, cleaning up the keyboard and trying to get my keys to work. At the moment all work except "u", "i", and "o" rather important keys. So this is being typed on Dale's computer. Would you pray that I could get my laptop in working order by tomorrow?
  5. Splendid news that brightened us up quite a bit, as I sat hunched with a vacuum cleaner over my laptop, is that a major publisher wants our book "Coffee-Shop Conversations: Making the Most of Your Spiritual Small Talk" and is planning on offering a lovely package deal to get us going. We thank God for this opportunity. We cannot wait to get started. Please pray for us to have wisdom about choosing a good deadline for the finished manuscript. We want to do it quickly to get these ideas out into the marketplace, but we also want to do a quality job, fine-tuning our sentences and ideas.
  6. We also heard from our agent that our ideas are wanted and continue to be needed for the publishing world. This puts fresh wind into our sails. I've finally finished my 1st chapter for my book "Walking in Her Shoes" and am priming up the introduction this week. Please pray for us to begin switching gears soon to put all our efforts into "Coffee." We need persistent teamwork as we will write it together.
  7. Our friend, Adrien, is visiting us this week and working on a portrait of Jonalyn. It's an honor to have her and see her expertise in our Soulation office on her easel. We love working alongside her and to see beauty being created in her brushstrokes. I've included a picture of how far she's come just in this first day. We would pray that God would use our downtime together this week to encourage each other in the often lonely work of creating (her in logging hours behind her canvases, us in logging hours behind our computer screens).
Glad to be in the mess and craziness of creating!

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