Thursday, August 14, 2008

Prayer Requests

We have some fun news and prayer requests this week
  1. We've ironed out some communication problems with our web designers, David and Joaquin, who will be working like mad to get our website actually up and running within the month. Would you pray for them to focus on the essentials and meet their goal? We need to get the new site up sooner rather than later.
  2. We've recently found a large parcel of land that was available, affordable and attractive to us so we put in an offer on this piece of land in hopes of beginning a Soulation Retreat Center. The offer was accepted, we were granted much favor in the seller's eyes. And now we're now the proud, scared, excited owners of 100 acres, 20 miles south of Steamboat. Here's a picture of where we'll be moving within the year (from our current home in Steamboat to 800 sq feet) to begin dream-casting the details of this land we hope to invite many to find rest for their souls. We have plans for cabins, parsonage home with dining hall and meeting room, infrastructure, landscaping, new trails. We need prayer for we feel like we're 2 year olds who've discovered a Queen Mary. How do we run this thing?
  3. In spite of all the excitement, we feel the responsibility of these changes on our shoulders. We're trying to finish up selling our home in Los Angeles. We've found a buying quickly so we're in Escrow. Would you pray that we'd make it through this process soundly without compromising the value of our old home? We want to be able to use this money for the retreat center's beginnings.
  4. There are times in our lives we just feel crummy. Soulation, our writing, our work doesn't seem worthwhile and I can't find the energy to even ask for prayer. Yesterday was one of those days. Sometimes think I can sound like life and Soulation is all rosy, when in reality it's never all rosy. We'd ask for prayer as we face some of our Goliaths
    1. Dale will wrestle at times with wondering if he should even write his book on becoming appropriately human. He sometimes wonders if it's worth it, if it's all already been said, if his energy will find an audience. Pray for him to continue to persevere through those times, and that God would show him clearly how his message is valuable.
    2. I, Jonalyn, need wisdom to wade through the criticism and praise I regularly receive about her blog and her work. I need to know whose opinion to take to heart and who I need to listen to with caution. I don't want every critique to send me spiraling downward.
    3. We both need God's confidence to fill us!

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Amy Cathy said...

Jonalyn and Dale,
That is great news about the property! My family (sort of) did the same thing...there was an abandoned dairy barn high up on the hill of a college campus. They bought the property and developed it into a retreat. Now, their "focus" was to strengthen marriages as well as rehabilitate broken marriages. Regardless of the focus, it's the same idea. To create a retreat. I would LOVE to get you both in touch with my mother-in-law who headed up this "renovation/restoration" project. She has a phenomenal eye for restoration and knowing the essence of what a retreat should truly look and feel like.

It took a little under 3 years to complete, but I can expound on that history if you want more. Please find more information about the buildings and their purpose here:

Please contact me if you'd like.

Jonalyn, I was at a women's retreat you did about a year ago with North Coast Calvary Chapel in Carlsbad, CA. I have read and re-read your Ruby Slippers book. It's one of my favorites.