Wednesday, September 24, 2008

God at Work

This week we received an invitation request from Portland, Oregon for this Spring. The amazing thing about this invite is that they wanted both of us and really understand how we love working side-by-side. That leads us to thank God.

People are realizing that we are a husband-wife team. YAY! Would you pray that more invitations would come to us requesting us together. We do not want to be divided in our speaking (which often happens when folks learn that Dale wrote a YOUTH book and I wrote a WOMAN's book, we expect this to shift after our co-written book comes out..but this won't be for at least another year).

On another note of thanksgiving, we received this email recently from a young college age woman. We wanted to share with you how Dale's book helped her trust God even while she faces a current physical trial. She wrote:

"I just finished Living With Questions and am certain that God exists and cares. The chapter on the value of humans rocked me as I have carried a feeling of unworthiness as long as I can remember, and although the feeling is not always absent, I am equipped to fight feelings and thoughts of unworthiness. I see unworthiness not returning for longer periods of time and laugh at how God has defeated evil. It is so rad. It's thrilling to me that your and Dale's ministry have eradicated evil through the power of the Almighty in my life because that means that truth is being reached by others who hear and read yours and Dale's work. Yeah!"

We want to ask you this week to thank God with us for these blessings.

God has been connecting us with the right business people to manage some challenges with our personal assets. We are trusting him with our future, Soulation's future and the ideas and plans we've had.

He is capable and we are full of hope!

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Power Up Love said...

Would you please consider writing and sharing your story, struggles, or testimonies to be posted on There are other people going through the same sort of things. It encourages others to hear when other people have the same desires, same disappointments, and same struggles.

We don’t rejoice in other people’s struggles or anything, but we rejoice in the fact that we’re not alone in carrying our burdens. We’re uplifted when we know someone is praying specifically re: particular areas in our life, just as they are encouraged knowing we’re praying for them.