Friday, September 26, 2008

Light Persecution

Today Dale received a very disappointing email that involves both of us.

A few months ago Sean McDowell invited us to write articles for the Apologetics Study Bible for Students and even asked Dale to serve with his imaginative writing skills as Associate Editor and contribute several more pieces for the Bible. It's a big project with an estimated reach of 100,000.

We've been writing and brainstorming with excitement to have this opportunity.

Dale wrote to clarify the vision with B & H publishing group today. His letter spurred the editorial staff to check SOulation out. So far, so good.

In reading our articles, the chief editor read our Unmuted article (which if you've read the article is not clearly egalitarian or complementarian) and wrote to tell us that we can no longer be contributors to this Apologetics Study Bible.

Needless to say we're shocked and discouraged that the apologetics insights we could have offered to this project have been curtailed because of our views that men and women can play partnership, opposed to hierarchical roles in a marriage or church. We're disappointed that this made/broke the deal.

The fine print of our contract did reveal that while the Bible is goin to be published by B & H, it seems this project is predominantly controlled by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Souther Baptist Convention.

Dale is working on a reply and then will sit on it for a day before he sends it.
  • Would you pray that we would have grace and truth as we respond?
  • Would you also pray that we would be willing to take the rejection of our ideas without capitulating in courage or integrity?
  • Would you also pray that we would not be excluded from this project if the kingdom of God would be further built by our inclusion?

We await on Him helping us.

Thank you for praying for us!

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Karrie and Chrysti said...

Your book, Ruby Slippers, came up as a recommendation on my Amazon account and I was intrigued by your title. I visited your blog and then came to your Soulation blog and I must say that I appreciate your ministry and the ministry you have with your husband. I am so sorry to read that you were taken off of this project. I read the article and must say I agree with you and your husband and can't imagine why that would affect your being included...although, there were many who pitched a fit when Jesus healed on the Sabbath so in one sense it isn't hard to understand how we as humans just sometimes don't get it!