Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recording in Grand Rapids

Dale just finished recording Living with Questions and I've got 2 more hours to finish Ruby Slippers tomorrow. We are so thankful for
  1. our voices being strong and our minds attentive as we read
  2. that we have connected strongly and well with Zondervan's sound editor and reunited with several friends at Zondervan who have been helping us feel we are known and belong in their lives
  3. that we get to do this trip together.
While our voices have been holding up, but we're both feeling the strain of being in the city.

There is something that happens when you work among Christianity corporate and while we are grateful to be noticed and to be here, we also need protection.

We need your help to pray that
  1. our work together as a team would not be threatened by the pressure to brand ourselves separately
  2. that Dale would be encouraged that his work, his voice is needed.
  3. That God would bring us more evidence that this retreat center is the next step for Soulation and that it is okay to not have tons of BIG speaking engagements down the road.
We are glad to be here, but eager to fly back home to Steamboat tomorrow!

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