Friday, September 5, 2008

Recording our books!

Jonalyn and I leave for Zondervan headquarters in Grand Rapids Monday. We'll each be recording our books for audio release. We're praying that we would be in top form as we read. And I have a deep down desire to be 'discovered' as a reader so I could perhaps help with some other books in the future.

We are amazed at the volunteers that have emerged to help Soulation. God has been dramatically good. We'll have more updates on that as it unfolds.

Our lawyer is looking into creative ways for a Soulation retreat center on paper--liabilities, protections, balance sheets and all that. As I write this, we're loading the truck to go out to the property to do some afternoon work out in the woods.

Our Mark study finished well... We were encouraged to hear how the study shined a light. Several even thanked us for making the first Bible study they've had in their lives that wasn't boring. We averaged about 25 a week! I expected 5... it was great for us to be in the word, studying, every week!

Update on our CA home: some loan docs got bogged down on the buyer's end, so we expect to close this coming week. Pray it happens!!

Those are some updates and prayers this week. So glad you're in this with us.

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