Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baker Book House and a few burdens

Tonight Dale and I speak at Baker Book House, a locally owned book store in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We have 30 minutes to present our book ideas, Soulation and then we'll be fielding questions and signing. We're excited to speak, though slightly weary from travel.

We've enjoyed plenty of adventures in our drive so far. We've seen Lake Michigan and a Bob Jones' van (in that order).

Dale's catching up on his sleep while I write this and I'm working through a VERY stiff neck from too many nights in strange beds. We're glad to be staying at the same hotel for 3 nights in a row as we attend the GospelCom conference at Calvin College this week, too.

So far we feel burdened to ask you for prayer for
  1. continued health though we begin to feel weary
  2. the strength for our web team to get our new Soulation site launched for Nov 1st (we've had some trouble meeting deadlines as our team has had to transition into new volunteers) Would you pray for us to get our new calendar and Ask LIVE! up and running by Nov 1st?
  3. our plans this next week are somewhat up in the air. We had hoped to drive to Canada, but our good friends recently received news of a death in their family. We're not sure where we'll go, but we want to make the most of the time and find the space to relax. Please pray for some good ideas to pop into our minds!
So far we feel healthy and glad to be together.
From the road,
Dale and Jonalyn

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