Friday, October 17, 2008

A Crazy, Wonderful Soulation Day

Here's a rundown of our fun, LONG first day of our 2 1/2 week road trip!

  • 5:30am- wake up, feed and hug the corgis goodbye.
  • 6am- on the road driving from Steamboat to Colorado Springs ~4 hour drive
  • 10:15- arrive at our first book signing (a part of Journey 2008- a Colorado Springs initiative to connect Christian book stores, authors and customers) at Mardel. We arrive in time to make an important phone call to tie up loose ends on a project (i.e. Apologetics Study Bible) and received some good, hearty closure and unity. We felt both listened to and appreciated. Thankful for the unity, we walk into Mardel's.
  • 11am- we sit with a team of 11 other authors and spend 2 hours socializing (aka networking) where Jonalyn learns from a former Mrs. USA runner-up that she could compete in a Mrs. USA pageant (something that flatters Jonalyn until she realizes it goes against everything she stands for!) and Dale hears from a local old-timer author that it's impossible to really answer teens' questions! We do meet some interesting, lovely authors in our two hours.
  • 1pm- done with our first signing we drive one block to "On the Border" to meet with a new friend, an associate editor for an ACSI magazine. We talk about a future ACSI podcast interview. We share some good stories and take a sort of breather in our day.
  • 2:45- Jonalyn walks around the "On the Border" parking lot trying, unsuccessfully, to get a steady signal and to contact Zondervan to set up a radio interview for Monday morning. She has to coordinate a land line at a bed and breakfast on our trip with Zondervan who will pass the info to Moody Radio. Our cell phone continues to cut in and out and Jonalyn becomes VERY frustrated at everyone (Zondervan for waiting until the last minute to get the information, the phone for not working, but--because of God's goodness and some growth in her--she does not get mad at Dale! YAY!!)
  • 3pm- we drive to our book agent's headquarters to sign our names on the dotted line for "Coffee Shop Conversations" and enjoy meeting Cindy who helps us see the important things in the fine print. Jonalyn borrows the phone during the meeting to set up the radio details, gets through to the B & B and Zondervan (now after hours) and breathes a sigh of relief.
  • 4pm- we drive to the nearest AT&T store to finally get a cell phone that gets service and is reliable. We dub it our Soulation biz phone and smile at one another that we picked it out and got it set-up with a competent rep in under 30 min!
  • 4:45- we drive, get lost, but eventually find Woodmen Valley Chapel for our last signing. We find our seat, meet some more new authors, field questions and enjoy the trickle of people who want us to explain what our books are about.
  • 6:45- we shake hands all around and hit the road for Fort Collins (2 hours north). We feel tired, heavy-eyed and very hungry.
  • 9:30- we arrive at downtown Fort Collins where we stay up to type this update blog because we wanted you to know that today was a wonderful, crazy, good day for us, for Soulation....
and you had a lot to do with all that. Thank you for praying for us!

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