Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From the Road- the final stretch

Today we took a day of rest... it was wonderful after 5 days of writing (we did end up taking a writing retreat and it was most productive!).

This week, while Dale and I speak and travel for our last week, great things are a-brewing in other parts of the country . . .
  1. In Oregon, David (our artistic director, an amazing friend and volunteer) and crew are gearing up for a fall launch of our website. We hope to have it live within a month. Would you pray for David to find a capable programmer who also has the time and (the miraculously) willingness to do hard work for meager pay?
  2. In Steamboat Springs, Ellyn and Courtney, our volunteer grant writers are planning the first big steps for requesting foundations for granting monies. This week they will be picking the foundations and requesting applications. As we've heard from others, grant writing is hard and getting granted funds is even harder. We ask you to pray that the Spirit would guide them to the foundations that match Soulation's needs and will be the most gracious to our request. We need your prayer for this!
  3. In Chicago tomorrow morning we will be speaking to Timothy Christian High School about "Is God Real?" a brand new talk in response to a common question we get from teens, "How do I know God is real if I can't see him or feel him?" We are thrilled to do it, but need your prayer for us to be clear and persuasive.
  4. In Chicago from Thursday-Sunday, we will be attending the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries' Fundraising event for the year. Lots of people to meet. We ask for that extra boost of energy to be present with all we meet, to refuse to compare our ministry to others and to bask in God's love for us even in the busyness.
Glad we're on the last home stretch, eager for this week of speaking and networking and grateful for you!
Jonalyn (for us both)

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