Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stopping home...

We are hope for three days before launching out again.

Thanks for your prayers. The youth worker convention was a real success for us. Not only were all three of our seminars well attended and received, but we felt nourished, encouraged, and motivated to push forward more ideas and initiatives to help others see what it means to be appropriately human. All three of our talks are worth putting online and we'll be sending them to our editor, Dodd, for that right away.

We did not feel the discomfort of 'corporate' Christianity like we have in the past. And that's a real answer!

Jonalyn felt a special renewal during a session she attended on 'praying through poetry.' Several personal obstacles she had been wrestling with found themselves uprooted as she pushes forward in those areas.

Our coming trip will be three weeks on the road, first book-signing in Colorado Springs, then onto Grand Rapids for a convention, radio interview, bookstore presentation, then onto Canada to visit with some friends and an event coordinator for a possible future opportunity, then to Chicago for a large networking, ministry event before heading home.

We expect to be physically exhausted when we return. Do pray for safety on the road (we're driving!) and for connecting with the right people at these conventions. Many of you understand how meeting the right person in the right place can open up many other doors of opportunity, not only for us, but also for them.

Our appreciation goes out to you on our prayer blog; you give us a place jot down our needs, expectations and celebrations; and we know you are with us all the way.

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