Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This Week- Update

As of now we are not writing a letter to the publisher about the Apologetics Study Bible situation. Right now we are pursuing another channel to properly resolve this. In the meanwhile, we can feel your prayers as we are at peace and even content with not being a part of this project (a very different emotion than we first experienced!)

We're excited for this week's work which will be including
  1. prepping for our 3 talks at the National Youth Pastor's Convention.
  • I will be working out my powerpoint for my talk "Comfortable in My Own Skin: Identity and Body Image" this Friday
  • We are working together on a talk "Why Healthy Youth Ministry Needs Both the Masculine and the Feminine".
  • Dale is doing his own "A New Kind of Apologetics: Emerging Questions from Today's Youth"
2. Beginning our manuscript for Coffeeshop Conversations. The contract is nearly signed and our agent told us, "START WRITING!" So we feel we need to begin plugging away. It's always a battle to begin integrating steady writing times into our schedule. If you think of us in the mornings (the typical writing time for us) please pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen and direct us.

3. We have another meeting with our lawyer this Friday to further discuss how to make the Retreat work, how to begin fundraising and legally keep us "in the clear."

Would you pray for us as we write our talks, write our book together and attend meetings. We long to have fresh insight and creative energy, to be honest and winsome in the work we do.

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