Thursday, November 6, 2008

Answers and Requests

This morning we wake up to more snow falling in Steamboat and our plates full of great things to do
  1. Would you thank God with us that we found a coder (our cousin, Eric) who has offered to help Soulation? YAY! We ask that God would give him, Joaquin and David the timeliness and energy to finish up our new web site THIS MONTH!
  2. Would you also thank God with us that our drive home was safe and no other mishap met us? We got home Monday evening and were SO glad to get our car under shelter. No rain/snow leaked through the torn roof. Three cheers for duct and packing tape! We're now beginning to start the process of getting it repaired, not easy or quick I'm afraid.
  3. Today we meet with Ellyn and Courtney to finish up our grant writing application request (stage 1 in this long process to ask for grant monies). Would you pray for us to be able to quickly get these requests sent off soon, for us to work harmoniously together with the limited, precious time we have?
  4. This is writing month! Dale and I have plotted times to just write and write away on our next book: Coffee Shop Conversations. Would you pray for our eyes? We're experiencing headaches and some eye-strain as we spend a lot of time behind our screens. We need to take breaks and still get this work done.
We value your prayers!

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