Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Many Things

The sun has set on a beautifully, uncommonly warm day in Steamboat and Dale and I are feeling the first longing for snow. We have made some great progress in our book.

We thank God that our eye-strain is all gone. Dale's reading glasses, increasing our font size and regular breaks have helped a lot. We ask for broad, wholistic vision and excellent editing skills as this week we will be proof-reading the 1/3 we have written, our first batch to send off to our editor before Thanksgiving.

We made our first Soulation Fledge VIDEO EDITION yesterday on "How could a good God send people to hell?" Videos have been a goal for months now, so we're both proud that it's happened! Our video editor, Trevor, will be editing it for free broadcasting (we hope to put it on Youtube) hopefully soon. Would you pray for creavity for him?

We've begun having Soulation Business Meetings each Wednesday's over lunch, a committed time for us to bring up Soulation stuff to each other (which mostly means me making lists for Dale). We're getting much more done since beginning them, but also finding less time to relax, now. We're still finding our rythmn in our work load. Lately relaxing hasn't been making it on our schedule. Would you pray for us to find the courage to let some things go and really rest when we need it? Some of you have encouraged us to be really careful about not overcommittting. As we are in the process of writing, putting our house on the market, participating in an awesome house church, running Soulation and getting a cabin remodelled, we feel very, well, overwhelmed. We need to know what we can just let slide and be glad to be alive, together and loved by God and his family.

Tomorrow we drive to Colorado Springs for an interview with A.C.S.I.'s headquarters for their Early Christian Services. We each get 30 minutes and then a 30 min slot together. Since we'll be speaking mainly to preschool teachers, would you pray for us to be able to be practical and helpful as we share Soulation with teachers?

Glad you help us keep going!

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