Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Writing Begins in Earnest

Well today we plowed into writing. We felt energized and focused as we worked. Thank you for praying for our eye-strain (it's been better with regular breaks). this week please pray for
  1. Our grant application requests- Ellyn has been matching our needs with specific foundations (please pray for her today as she finishes that up). And we send out our initial inquiry letter this week. We need winsomeness and deftness in writing. Tomorrow we finish the letter, stuff and stamp and off they go. The response will dictate how many ways Soulation can expand next year. We ask for favor in their eyes.
  2. We have serious deadlines for our book coming up. Would you pray for us to remain fresh as we write. We want to write about how to share our faith without being accusatory, demanding or dry. We need the Spirit to be our Muse
  3. Our website has made enormous strides as Eric has been working steadily away with Joaquin and David. Daily, Dale is responding to ideas and fine-tuning. Please pray we might get the website LIVE by the end of this month.
Glad to be at work at home again!
Jonalyn and Dale

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