Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Fun-filled Day

We speak twice today, already once this morning to the local Christian school in town, tonight to a local church youth group. This morning we worked through their questions they had given us last time. It was so fulfilling as they listened and responded attentively. As we pulled away Dale said, "I love speaking."

We're thankful to God for giving us these opportunities.

We had our bi-annual Soulation Board Meeting Saturday and they helped us strategize and guard the things Soulation needs to do. God is good to give us such faithful, whole people to help us! The most important thing we need prayer for is:

To keep the major things (writing bi-monthly Fledges, our blogs, email correspondence, speaking preparation, time and space to write well) major and the minor things (Retreat Center, new videos, new website up, new Soulation initiatives) on the back burner. We'll wait on these things until after our book is finished. For now we are glad to focus on "Faith and Friendship."

As there is so much to distract us: criticism (as I type Jonalyn has a critical email to respond to in her inbox), social engagements, discord between us, appointments, errands. We ask that God would teach us more about rest for the remaining weeks of Advent.

We have a handle on our writing (this last week Jonalyn pumped out two great articles, you can read about food and gossip on her blog) and feel we need to rest, would you pray that we would choose this good gift from God?

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