Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snow Falling, Fingers Tapping

The snow is softly falling outside and we are grateful for it's beauty and cover.

Much writing lays before us, but we are excited to get our fingers tapping on the keys.

Jonalyn is finishing up two articles one on "Finding Your Voice" to be featured for MOPS leadership magazine, Fullfill and another for Christianity Today's women in leadership blog, Gifted for Leadership. Both editors gave her some extensions to get them done as some unexpected things came up (Dale got sick and our car had to be fixed in Denver i.e. 8 hour drive today).

Please pray for Jonalyn to have the inspiration to write these well.

Please pray for Dale to recover (he's at 75%) and find the strength these next to days to tackle the part of our book on "Lost Words." He will be writing on the topics of "sin" "glory" "faith" "love" in the next few days. Would you pray his energy and health would match the ideas he wants to get on paper?

Our home is on the market and we await a buyer, expecting God to network for us. Would you pray he would have our home sell by Valentine's Day? From our limited viewpoint, that would be ideal for our transition out to the cabin.

Our website is coming along, it's been exciting to see our new Library get updated as we are coding for a better search engine. We are so grateful that you are praying for us and the site's workers. Dale needs energy to look over the major changes to the Library this week.

Thank you for pouring your love and prayers into us!

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