Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dallas and First Finished Draft

  • Big potential news: we have a couple looking at our home this weekend (Saturday at 3pm) interested in viewing the house. This is their 1st viewing so we don't want to get our hopes up, and yet we do. Would you pray for this opportunity to materialize into a great offer?
  • We have been pumping out chapters. Jonalyn is done YAY! editing like mad now. Dale is meeting all his goals. Please pray we would finish this book strong. It would be easy to get tired, but we want to turn in our 1st draft proud of the work we've done.
  • Jonalyn is feeling God's love and wisdom pouring down on her. She also feels humbled by how little she knows. Perhaps this is the perfect answer to prayer as this coming Monday (Feb 2) she flies to Dallas to participate in an apologetic panel for a large women's Bible study.
  • While Dale finishes up the book Jonalyn will be flying to Dallas. Please pray for Jonalyn to have courage, serenity and peace for this trip. Her flight must be ontime (both legs) if she is to arrive in time to speak Monday evening. It's a whirlwind trip, she's only staying one night. Would you pray for her to find peace and poise after her day of travel to speak Monday evening and Tuesday morning? Travel can be so frazzling, she will be doing 2 booksignings, lots of mingling and she already feels pressure as she's the youngest on the panel.
Yours in the work,
Jonalyn and Dale

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coming Home after a Weekend High

Well, we're home again and have much to be grateful for.

  1. The Messianic youth leader retreat was truly amazing, enriching time. Our flights were a breeze, clear, sunny skies both ways (I, Jonalyn, did make it back in time for my Monday night class). We both felt replenished, even though Dale was sick with a cold 1/2 the weekend. He is on the mend, now! I was so touched that I wrote an entire blog about the time with our Messianic brothers and sisters. To read see my blog.
  2. No action on our house, yet!
  3. Dale and I see the end of our writing for this book, we both sat down yesterday and pumped out a short chapter each, which was rather surprising and encouraging. Would you pray specifically for Dale as he will be carrying the main responsibility for the final chapters? We ask God to give him fresh ideas as he writes. I need steady awareness as I do a few more chapters and a lot of editing.
  4. I need extra wisdom. Lately, I've been unhappily aware of how little I truly have. I need your prayers here. I want to seek wisdom. Would you pray that God would help me find wisdom for several areas in my life?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Website News and Youth Retreat

Good morning!
  1. We have wonderful news--our new website is LIVE. View it and be certain to check out our new calendar (click "Get in Touch" and select "Our Calendar"). The Library is also a new feature, we're so thrilled that people will be able to search for what they need and find it much more easily. Thank you very much for praying for this venture!
  2. Last night we had our weekly Soulation Chat. We are very thankful to God for the strength he gave me, Jonalyn, to discuss some very heavy topics.
  3. Tomorrow we head to Atlanta to speak to the Young Jewish Messianic Alliance, a retreat of Messianic youth pastors. We will be presenting on worldview and gender. Would you pray for our flight (out of snow country) to be on time both going and coming? Dale has mentioned that our particular concern for this speaking engagement is that our own views woudl be expanded as we learn from this group of Messianic Jews.
  4. Please pray for our house to sell. We have received no bites so far and that is disappointing (but not unforeseen).
  5. Our writing has been going so well. We're nearing completion and right on schedule. Thank you for praying for us in this!
  6. The first class I, Jonalyn, taught with Sally in town, "Reviving the Soul in the Chill of Winter" was a joy to co-teach. The participants were excited and engaged. As our second class is next Monday evening, the day we fly home from Atlanta, we pray for no mishaps on the flight.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow, writing, and a surprise....

This is my second winter in the snow... I never thought it was be this much fun. Growing up in a sunny place (Florida) and then transplanting to another sunny place (Los Angeles), everyone had an opinion of the snow and how glad they were not in it. Maybe that will be my tune one day, but for now this powdery stuff is a wonderland, a good workout on snowshoes, a scenic landscape out the window, and a veritable obstacle course on the roads! Yesterday we received 16". It's so fluffy, Jonalyn opened a path to the cat door (for "Spout") by simply stomping down the snow. The wall of snow beside the path is about 30"... that's how fluffy it is. I "shoveled" off the front steps with a broom!

With this backdrop, we're busy writing every morning. Since our last post, I have completed my 6000 word section for our new book (it ended up being 8000 words) and am onto the next serious of chapters. Jonalyn is as well.

Writing is hard work. If there's one thing a writer needs prayer for it is a playful imagination. All the info is in the head (mostly). But it has to get onto the page in a way that will carry people along, help them see the world through new lenses, help them be glad again to be human... that they do fit into the world.

We can use prayer to that end.

Jonalyn begins her class with her friend Sally this week called "Reviving the Soul in the Chill of Winter." The class is booked full! That's always a great encouragement when people pay for a class. This is the first time Jonalyn and Sally will be teaching together, so they need good chemistry and teamwork as they share.

Next week we're headed to the national Messianic youth worker retreat. We feel a particular affinity with the Messianics and look forward to learning from them as much as teaching them Soulation-style apologetics for youth.

One more thing: I opened up our Soulation mailbox yesterday, stunned to find donations for Soulation. We didn't sent out a fundraiser letter this year, yet we raised two thirds of what we raised last year without it! This is what our God is often like, surprising us in special ways, using his sons and daughters as vehicles of his goodness. So many thanks to you for encouraging us with your prayers and support. We stretch every dollar to the max (and hope we don't waste any prayers of yours either!).

The God of Israel is our comfort, help, and hope. Thanks for walking this road with us.