Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coming Home after a Weekend High

Well, we're home again and have much to be grateful for.

  1. The Messianic youth leader retreat was truly amazing, enriching time. Our flights were a breeze, clear, sunny skies both ways (I, Jonalyn, did make it back in time for my Monday night class). We both felt replenished, even though Dale was sick with a cold 1/2 the weekend. He is on the mend, now! I was so touched that I wrote an entire blog about the time with our Messianic brothers and sisters. To read see my blog.
  2. No action on our house, yet!
  3. Dale and I see the end of our writing for this book, we both sat down yesterday and pumped out a short chapter each, which was rather surprising and encouraging. Would you pray specifically for Dale as he will be carrying the main responsibility for the final chapters? We ask God to give him fresh ideas as he writes. I need steady awareness as I do a few more chapters and a lot of editing.
  4. I need extra wisdom. Lately, I've been unhappily aware of how little I truly have. I need your prayers here. I want to seek wisdom. Would you pray that God would help me find wisdom for several areas in my life?

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marni.ghs said...

Seek and Ye shall surely find. Jonalyn. Your desire is in the right direction and our faithful Shepherd will lead you in the right directions. Remember that you are young and are not even capable of having all the wisdom you will have as God leads you on. Accept yourself as God has you right now so that he can work from here.