Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow, writing, and a surprise....

This is my second winter in the snow... I never thought it was be this much fun. Growing up in a sunny place (Florida) and then transplanting to another sunny place (Los Angeles), everyone had an opinion of the snow and how glad they were not in it. Maybe that will be my tune one day, but for now this powdery stuff is a wonderland, a good workout on snowshoes, a scenic landscape out the window, and a veritable obstacle course on the roads! Yesterday we received 16". It's so fluffy, Jonalyn opened a path to the cat door (for "Spout") by simply stomping down the snow. The wall of snow beside the path is about 30"... that's how fluffy it is. I "shoveled" off the front steps with a broom!

With this backdrop, we're busy writing every morning. Since our last post, I have completed my 6000 word section for our new book (it ended up being 8000 words) and am onto the next serious of chapters. Jonalyn is as well.

Writing is hard work. If there's one thing a writer needs prayer for it is a playful imagination. All the info is in the head (mostly). But it has to get onto the page in a way that will carry people along, help them see the world through new lenses, help them be glad again to be human... that they do fit into the world.

We can use prayer to that end.

Jonalyn begins her class with her friend Sally this week called "Reviving the Soul in the Chill of Winter." The class is booked full! That's always a great encouragement when people pay for a class. This is the first time Jonalyn and Sally will be teaching together, so they need good chemistry and teamwork as they share.

Next week we're headed to the national Messianic youth worker retreat. We feel a particular affinity with the Messianics and look forward to learning from them as much as teaching them Soulation-style apologetics for youth.

One more thing: I opened up our Soulation mailbox yesterday, stunned to find donations for Soulation. We didn't sent out a fundraiser letter this year, yet we raised two thirds of what we raised last year without it! This is what our God is often like, surprising us in special ways, using his sons and daughters as vehicles of his goodness. So many thanks to you for encouraging us with your prayers and support. We stretch every dollar to the max (and hope we don't waste any prayers of yours either!).

The God of Israel is our comfort, help, and hope. Thanks for walking this road with us.

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