Thursday, January 15, 2009

Website News and Youth Retreat

Good morning!
  1. We have wonderful news--our new website is LIVE. View it and be certain to check out our new calendar (click "Get in Touch" and select "Our Calendar"). The Library is also a new feature, we're so thrilled that people will be able to search for what they need and find it much more easily. Thank you very much for praying for this venture!
  2. Last night we had our weekly Soulation Chat. We are very thankful to God for the strength he gave me, Jonalyn, to discuss some very heavy topics.
  3. Tomorrow we head to Atlanta to speak to the Young Jewish Messianic Alliance, a retreat of Messianic youth pastors. We will be presenting on worldview and gender. Would you pray for our flight (out of snow country) to be on time both going and coming? Dale has mentioned that our particular concern for this speaking engagement is that our own views woudl be expanded as we learn from this group of Messianic Jews.
  4. Please pray for our house to sell. We have received no bites so far and that is disappointing (but not unforeseen).
  5. Our writing has been going so well. We're nearing completion and right on schedule. Thank you for praying for us in this!
  6. The first class I, Jonalyn, taught with Sally in town, "Reviving the Soul in the Chill of Winter" was a joy to co-teach. The participants were excited and engaged. As our second class is next Monday evening, the day we fly home from Atlanta, we pray for no mishaps on the flight.

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