Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rest and Peace

Dale and I are remembering, once again, why we love this little town. This week has been so restful and good for us both. Thank you for praying for our RPM's to slow down :) We know we're relaxing as we've both been able to enjoy hobbies we really love!

This weekend we look forward to meeting with our house church. Jonalyn will be sharing. Please pray for her preparation.

Monday night is Jonalyn's final class with the women in town. The opportunity has been enormously satisfying, educational and fun. She and Sally are working well as a team! Would you pray for their final meeting to empower the women to be salt and light in this town?

Next week we take a trip up to Seattle for networking and relaxation. Would you pray for us as we plan out our itinerary. We need the right mix or vacation and meetings.

Glad to have weeks like this!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Our book, first FULL draft, is DONE!!!! YAY. So good to get it off.

We both feel very good about the product we churned out. For the last few days Dale has been the WRITING/EDITING master. Yesterday he edited over 140 pages, so that last night, fresh off a plan from Dallas, I, Jonalyn, could focus my last inklings of energy to go through about 40 pages, finish up edits, compile and click SEND.

I know we did our best. Now we await our editor's red pen.

Now, we want to rest. Jonalyn has a sore throat, Dale is well, but his back and eyes are tired from computer strain.

We are celebrating with some days to relax and avoid our laptops (though as you can tell, I, Jonalyn, am not doing such a good job at that). Dale is tinkering with his Jeep and I'm about to get back to a good novel.

I flew home late last night from Dallas with a satisfied heart (and a sore throat).

I haven't felt that thrilled to be speaking on my own in a long time. It's usually very hard to be separated from Dale, and I feel more nervous traveling as a single female. But, the trip out was smooth (I found good food and enough peaceful time to still my soul). Even though I didn't see my hotel room until midnight--I landed and went straight to a dinner event, changed clothes at this home, arrived at the church got wired up, went on stage, I was at peace, really relaxed!

The panel discussion was delightful, full of grace and truth for each other and the attendees were so thankful and responsive. I saw some key answers to prayer I wanted to share with you:
  • Several women thanked me specifially for my wisdom and honesty.
  • I was not nervous, almost giddy with peace (is that possible?). The stage was set like a living room with couches and I felt so relaxed up there. Even though the lights gave me a suntan.
  • I had lots of energy, but also a willingness to be silent for some answers to allow the others to speak. I feel that is the beginning of wisdom, too.
  • I felt valued, listened to and courageous.
  • The women I got to meet and learn from were so enriching to my life.
  • Scores of women loved what we said, asked further questions, got books, opened up with their stories of doubt and faith. On this note please pray for the many women who wanted to go further in discussion questions, who I invited to email me. Often biz cards get lost, the passion to know fades. I want to pray that these women would contact me and that we could push further in to know the Lord.
  • Here's what one attendee wrote: her blog.