Friday, March 6, 2009

Back in the Swing

Dale and I returned from Seattle last week to meet a host of hard things, deaths in our community, personal struggles of friends, many emails with needs of people looking to Soulation for help. It's amazing to us at how many people are hurting.

Jonalyn and Sally's class ended very well. The last meeting was amazing, a true climax to our time. We look forward to doing it again!

We want to thank you for praying for our time in Seattle. We found so many amazing new friends, meeting up with radio personalities, homeless shelter directors, gender justice advocates and enjoying the quirky people we found at Pike Street. To see some pictures of our trip visit here. We came home rested in mind, but tired in body (since we drove both ways). This last Monday we both took a much needed Sabbath where we did not look at our emails. It was exactly what we needed.

This week we ask your prayer for
  1. Dale and I will be doing a large apologetic conference in Overland Park, Kansas the 13-14. Please pray for us as we organize our talks this week, we want to be very clear in our presentations.
  2. We have a possible lead for a webmaster. We are so excited that this might work out because it means our website will be regularly updated, more information available to others. Would you pray for her as she looks over the job description and tasks we need help with that she would know if this would be a good fit? Please pray for clarity and a good working relationship
  3. As we await the edits on our Faith and Friendship book, we've both been dedicating more time to reading. Would you pray that we would both find the desire and carve out the time to read?

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