Wednesday, March 18, 2009

California, Here We Come

We leave tomorrow at 4am for a long drive to Carlsbad, California. So begins our longest speaking trip of this Spring. We are very excited!!

For this prayer update, we decided to list each event. It would help us so much to know that you will be praying for each of these events. We invite you to choose one or two to commit to praying for. Here's how we often pray for ourselves:

God give us the clarity to show your truth, help us to explain how beautiful, good and free you are. Make us attentive to show love to those here by being present with everyone we speak to.

Friday evening- Jonalyn gives an inaugural talk on Women and Friendship for a women's ministry group in Carlsbad

Saturday morning- Jonalyn speaks at her first Outreach event. She will be presenting the way Jesus allows women to rest and offering women a chance to receive Jesus in Anaheim.

Sunday morning- Dale preaches at our old home church in Laguna Beach. He'll be speaking on Nehemiah

Sunday afternoon we drive to San Francisco

Monday morning- We speak together on Loving God with all Your Soul to Deep Valley Christian. Pray for good conversation afterward as we'll be sharing lunch with the high schoolers.

Tuesday-Friday- We speak together at Fremont Christian School each day for their Spiritual Emphasis Week. We'll also, energy permitting, be visiting individual classrooms for some Q & A time.

Saturday- we drive home.

We want to give California the best we have to offer, but we also need God's helps to take this trip one opportunity at a time. We cannot wait to see how God will use us to help others become more appropriately human.

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