Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Half-way CA!

On the road, we count the times we hit the pillow to see how long before we head home... last night was the halfway point.

Jonalyn's first two talks to two different women's groups were very well received. Jonalyn is more convinced than ever of the topic of her new book regarding female friendships is needed. This is just what she needs to get motivated to re-work her proposal when we get home. Her evangelistic message was really appreciated by the leadership and many women thanked her specifically for being clear, gentle, firm, honest, giving truth, offering rest through Jesus and affirming the freedom Jesus offers women.

This second talk in Anaheim went so well, it further confirmed Jonalyn as a moving, eloquent speaker in her own right. She needs to hear that, so we were both grateful!

The days were very packed, but we're still feeling healthy and energetic.

Sunday, Dale lead the church through Nehemiah 2... he enjoys speaking through a text of Scripture, mining out the larger context of how it fits into our stories. Nehemiah is no different. Several old friends and new came forward to thank him.

We hope to have the above three talks online in the near future.

Our journey north after the church service was loooong. Seemed everyone up north was returning home from spring break (or people in the south were leaving for spring break)! Living in the mountains makes you forget just how many automobiles we have and the long lines we can make with them. We arrived at our hotel after 11PM and jumped out of bed for a morning chapel at a small ACSI school in Medicino County. The students were eager to have us... we shared with them how they are souls and how we love God with our souls.

Now we're writing from Fremont where we spoke this morning on the realness of God. Already we note a respectfulness and eagerness from the students. This is our third year in a row to share for spiritual emphasis week. One girl, the chaplain from 3 years ago, already graduated, came back to sit in the back and hear us speak. It's little significant moment like this that keep us going.

The next two days we'll be in classrooms with the students as well as do chapel each day the rest of the week. We need endurance and creativity to answer their questions.

We drive home early morning Saturday.

Pray for these kids, that they will release the guards on their hearts and let God's love meet them. Many are anxious over graduation and college applications and fears for the future. Many are ripe to rest into God while others are still asking questions whether God is good enough to rest into... It's a spiritual battle, even in the Christian school. Many of the students do not follow Jesus at all, so it is a balancing act on how to engage everyone at multiple levels.

Thanks for praying! You're making a difference in this kingdom work.

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