Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to Kansas City

Thank you for praying for our talks for this week in Kansas City. We both feel excited about what we'll be sharing. Dale will be kicking off the Conference Friday evening and Jonalyn will start the day Saturday morning. Would you pray for us? It makes an amazing difference when people pray for us while we speak.

We ask for strength tomorrow as we get up early, drive to Denver, catch a flight and then meet and greet and rest a bit and then BAM! Dale goes on stage. Please pray for energy for us both.

Our house has gotten very few offers, not really even nibbles. As our cabin gets closer to being done, we ask that God would time a buyer for us so that we can move smoothly into the cabin and not let our house sit empty. We are really eager to use the funds to begin building toward the retreat center. It is hard to wait, isn't it?! We're learning about faithfulness, God's faithfulness and our need to continue with the work before us.

We've been reading lots. Thank you for praying for the time!

The webmaster lead didn't work out, but we have another one that we're pursuing. Please pray for us to find a web programmer to help us with the Soulation website.

We're off to pack for our trip! Thank you for helping us with your prayers,
Jonalyn and Dale

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